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Posted on August 3, 2006 in PC and Other Nonsense by Andy @ Yellow SwordfishComments Off

disease (noun):
  1. A pathological condition of a part, organ, or system of an organism resulting from various causes, such as infection, genetic defect, or environmental stress, and characterized by an identifiable group of signs or symptoms.
  2. A condition or tendency, as of society, regarded as abnormal and harmful.

Doesn’t that sound like Political Correctness to you? Doesn’t it perfectly describe this absurd tendency by a small group of society’s vigilantes to wreak havoc and pain on us normal people? And just ponder for a moment on the possibilities. If we can get Political Correctness – OK I give in; if we can get PC classified as a disease, then we just might be able to start hunting for a cure. And let’s face it – we desperately need one.

The good news is that it isn’t infectious. In fact, I have a suspicion that to contract PC, one already has to be suffering from megalomania – which is also not infectious. I base this theory on the simple fact that I have never encountered anyone with PC who is not driven by ambition for power and control. Plus, if it was infectious, we would all be suffering from it and I think we can all agree that it is actually a very small number of people who are at risk.

I think this needs some close study. There is no doubt that this disease first came to light in the USA of the early 1980’s and has been slowly spreading around the world ever since. Europe, in particular, has a worryingly high incidence of sufferers but then, Europe has always had a high incidence of megalomaniacs as well. I call on drug companies around the world to put your best scientists on the task of finding a cure for these sadly deceived people, quickly, before we all slip into the abyss of their warped thinking.

And I call on the World Health Organisation to champion the cause and to appoint a team to research the issue with a strong leader to battle these forces of darkness. And let’s make it someone with clout, someone with vision, someone with authority to lead, not suffering from the very tendencies we need to stamp out. Which means it doesn’t automatically have to be a black, one-legged, single-mother, lesbian who was once convicted of welfare fraud. Just someone normal.

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It seems to me that Lebanon was well on the road to being a good friend to the ‘West’. Having been ripped apart by years of endless war and occupation, it was a budding democracy, a friendly nation in an area of the globe where our friends are few. The Syrians were wielding less power although admittedly, Hezbollah with it’s Syrian and Iranian links, money and arms were still a force to be reckoned with. Until that is, it’s neighbour and the only other democracy in town decided to punish the whole country for the sins of the few. With the nod and blessing, of course, of that mastermind of world politics, George W. Bush.

The way Israel has conducted business since it forced itself upon the world stage has never ceased to amaze me. The sympathy I felt with the Israeli people back in the 1967 war with Egypt (when I was young and green) quickly evaporated as more and more they used the tactics of oppression and genocide with the regular forays into peace talks at the end of their US supplied missiles. For a people who have suffered as much as they have over the centuries, culminating in the Nazi atrocities, I find it odd that they have so easily squandered the worlds sympathy.

As Mike Power fittingly reminded me today, the state of Israel was founded on terrorism, largely against the British. Many of the men who went on to lead their country during the next 30-40 years were once wanted terrorists responsible for bombings, attacks on civilians and wholesale slaughter. It has even been said that it was these people who introduced the tactics of terror to the modern Middle East.

Sixty years later it looks to me that little has really changed. The Palestinians are no better off or nearer a united state of their own and now the bully has embarked on an action of state organised terror that could bring the entire Middle East into conflagration. And the one country that could, over the years, have put an end to the lunacy, stands on the sidelines plying them with more and more lethal weaponry and egging them on.

And to my shame and anger, the British government, once itself the target of Israeli terror tactics, blindly toes the American line.

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The uncharacteristic, unrelenting and excessive heat that has been hovering over my little part of England for several weeks now has somewhat taken it’s toll on my humour. Don’t get me wrong; as anyone who knows me can confirm, I live for the summer months and spend the long winters craving warmth and sunshine and light evenings, but even I concede that this has been a little too much for a little too long. It has been hard to get to bed much before 2am yet I still awake fairly early. I have enjoyed lazing in the sun with a good book but have not really been able to face anything serious.

All this is just my way of saying that I have not been posting much lately and that is part of the reason. Lethargy, apathy and sitting in front of whirling fans trying to keep cool. There is also another reason.

I have felt great shame over the last two weeks to be British. Whilst it’s true that Tony Blair does not represent my political views, anything this government does – or doesn’t do – still reflects on my country as a whole and my disagreement with foreign policy does not change the view of us within the wider world. And I fear that view, already tarnished and tainted, has just taken another step in the wrong direction. And to be honest, I’ve been sitting in the heat seething with anger and just getting hotter – not really knowing how to put that into words.

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There has been much talk and indignation in the media about David Smith who allegedly earns his living by killing racing greyhounds after their retirement from the track. It is reported that as many as 10,000 dogs have met their fate via the bolt-gun of Mr Smith and he is now the subject of a hate campaign and death threats.

The question really is what the hell did people think happens to greyhounds after they retire – or worse still – are not up to scratch to be racers in the first place or are early victims to injury? Do people think there is a nice little corner of England reserved for them to grow old in where they can romp and play and chase rabbits to their hearts content?

About 11,000 greyhounds are registered for racing every year in the UK. Many fall victim to injury, many don’t make the grade and have a short ‘career’ and a few keep racing until they are 5 or 6. Then what? Don’t blame Mr Smith – it is the endless and continual breeding that is at fault – owners and trainers desperate with greed to get a dog that can run just that little bit faster and for a little bit longer.

The Retired Greyhound Trust has re-homed about 35,000 dogs since it started in 1974. Many other dogs find homes through other channels and volunteer groups. Many owners are responsible and keep their dogs after retirement. But do the maths – that’s a hell of a lot of dogs that nobody wants.

We have kept retired greyhounds since 1994. They make fantastic additions to the family. Contrary to what most people think they need very little exercise – a couple of 20 minute walks each day although more if you can manage it, they are basically lazy, docile, friendly and passive. And it is an absolute joy to watch them run – for the pure fun of it – their grace and elegance turns heads.

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If anyone was still in any doubt that the US Republican Party is still moving further to the right, then the candidacy of Shawn Stuart to the Montana State Legislature should get you thinking. As the Missuola Independent reports:

Shawn Stuart is no ordinary Republican. The 24-year-old combat veteran, the only Republican running to represent Butte’s House District 76 in the Montana Legislature, also happens to be a state leader for the National Socialist Movement, which dubs itself “America’s Nazi Party.

It’s true that the Montana Republicans, when they found out, sought to disown Stuart, but they didn’t removed him from the ballot and he still stands as the official Republican candidate.

Stuart says he shared his ardently anti-abortion, anti-gay and pro-gun views with Republican representatives in Butte, but that he didn’t see the need to tell them about his involvement with a group that’s also virulently anti-Semitic and envisions an America where only white people can be citizens and members of all other races, as well as Jews and homosexuals, would be classified as aliens without rights. Freedom of religion would be absolute in the National Socialist Movement’s ideal society, the group’s 25-point platform says, provided that the “moral feelings of the White race” aren’t offended.

Their stated misgivings about Stuart and his extreme racist views didn’t stop 33 Republicans yesterday in the House of Representatives from voting against the renewal of the Voting Rights Act which ensures that all people will have fair access to the ballot box on Election Day. And by ‘all people’ we all know who that applies to and it ain’t, on the whole, the Master Race.