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I have had my knuckles rapped by none other than my wife. She feels that in that last piece I got carried away and have caused offence to the worlds catholics. She gave me a good telling off I can tell you! She particularly felt that calling for the citizens of Vatican City to be hauled into St. Peter’s Square and burnt at the stake was one sentence too far and didn’t believe I had made it clear that this was just a metaphorical burning and not a real one.

So – to be fair – let me state right out that I have nothing against catholics. I think you’re wrong but I have nothing against you. I have had many, many catholic friends over the years and, as with every walk of life, there are good catholics and there are bad catholics. My argument is not with you – it is with the way your organisation has behaved over the last two thousand years, – especially the first one and a half millennia – and, I suspect, wished it still could.

From the earliest days of the intentional corrupting of the teachings of Jesus, to the final act of the Inquisition (1858) I do not know how many people have been slaughtered for their beliefs; how many wars have been waged in the name of God; how many people have been tortured into false confessions of their imagined heresy; how much land and property has been stolen to fill the church coffers; how many people have been forced into a life of poverty; how much earlier the catholic dominated world would have progressed in the areas of science and art and literature and music had these not been repressed… I do not know. But I do know that just one, single life, taken in the name of Jesus invalidates everything he stood for and corrupts beyond redemption his teachings.

This does not mean I despise catholics. I do not understand how anyone can happily belong to such an organisation but that, as they say, is between you and your God. I do not judge people or choose my friends based upon their religion.

If I gave offence then yes – I am sorry to hear that. But at the same time, I would urge you to delve into the history of your church.

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Back in November of 2006 in response to a post by Suspect Paki, I wrote up a piece called The Confusion of Racism with Intolerance. This was an attempt to explain, from my personal point of view, the recent changes I had witnessed to my country following various waves of immigrants – initially from the West Indies and latterly from Asia and the Middle East. My basic argument was, while accepting racism exists and actually exists to some extent in all nations, much of what is glibly passed off as ‘racism’ should more correctly be termed ‘intolerance’. And there is a massive difference.

Speaking for myself only, I do not believe I am a racist. I have, over many years, worked and befriended people of a very wide diversity of origin, culture, religion and skin hue and my yardstick is based on their personality and character and – as with all relationships – a certain amount of what is shared in common. But am I, in some cases, intolerant? Absolutely. I walk through my local public park these days and come across small groups of people of all nationalities and I feel some degree or another of intolerance towards those not speaking the language of the land, towards those whose cultural heritage embodies a different level of courtesy towards others and especially to those who actually practice racism towards the indigenous white English.

‘Racism’ is a very easy label to throw around and the term has been wildly abused over the years. On the other hand it is a charge very difficult to defend and refute. Many years ago a neighbour was accused by one of his young nieces of sexual abuse. He was immediately arrested, taken away for questioning and was gone for many days before returning a tormented man. It quickly became known that the girl in question had a tendency to quite freely throw this accusation around about family members and beyond. It grabbed the attention she sought. My neighbour, of course, was guilty of nothing but was treated as a guilty man – his innocence virtually impossible to prove. Freely thrown mud has a habit of sticking. Being branded a racist is likewise impossible to disprove.

A few days ago this old post of mine suddenly received a somewhat vitriolic comment by someone calling themselves ‘Indian Dude’. I reproduce it below as it has determined that I, and apparently most if not all of my fellow white Englishman, are indeed racists.

I’m Indian (Hindu) male and consider myself westernized in all possible ways. I don’t have any hang-ups or crave for “special treatment”; in my experience White Britons are among the most racist people on Earth. They always tend to put me down even though I’m friendly and outgoing. OK, I respect their tendency to be reserved and stiff-lipped (British national trait?) but many of them seem intolerant towards Asians.

Please NOTE: I’m not generalizing for all White people…it’s not about the colour of your skin but the way you treat me when I’m with you. Also in my experience, most White people are just like any other race; there are good and bad apples everywhere but what I object about White Britons is their air of cultural superiority when they meet Indians…just because Britain ruled over India some 60 years ago and many educated Indians speak in English doesn’t mean the White Britons should look condescendingly at us. This is simply not the case with any other White people on Earth – e.g. most White Americans/Canadians in my experience have been extremely nice towards me; in fact I get along excellently with Americans. Even in Europe, leaving aside the French -almost all European nationalities are very well-behaved towards Indians; Germans, Italians, Swiss, Austrians, Scandinavians and of course, East Europeans – I’ve never had a SINGLE bad encounter with these nationalities even though they’re also Whites. Ireland is an exception too coz most Irish in my experience have been nice with me.

As I was saying the problem lies only with White Anglos from UK and maybe, Australia. They have a natural air of superiority when they meet Indians and I’ve been through the worst form of their behaviour: 1. They constantly put you down for your brown skin colour – 2. You feel socially excluded and marginalized by them even if you want to mix properly. 3. They don’t trust your word readily as they would trust White people before you.

If today I have a “phobia” for White Anglo people living in UK and Australia, there has to be a cause to this effect – nothing ever happens in isolation.

I thought long and hard about how I should respond to this: denial is pointless; arguing is likewise pointless; ignoring it is defeatist. I could have perhaps written a satirical response on how I mistrusted all Indians, found their skin colour offensive and thought they should be marginalised. I could have asked a very English question and asked him what he meant by the term ‘leaving aside the French’! I could have reminded him that a recent opinion poll taken in Italy – one of the countries he seems to admire – stated that some 70% or so distrust and dislike their immigrant population.

Instead I read it again and decided on what I perceived as a truthful reply knowing that it was a winless argument. I told him that it seemed to me he had a chip on his shoulder – and a big one at that – and in my own experience that kind of attitude is more than likely to be self-fulfilling. As I have said, it is, of course, a winless argument so I was not in the least surprised by Indian Dude’s response:

“sounds like the chip on your shoulder is just too big”.

Funny you’re not the first Anglo who I heard using those exact words. Must be high among your standard put-downs for coloured people -an activity Anglos are most comfortable indulging in. Disagreement is fine in a debate -and healthy too; but disrespect is not. Instead of politely refuting the claims I made in the previous comment (which is what you expect), you tried to make me sound ludicrous and stupid – this is the precise thing I wanted to show you; Anglos have a natural arrogance borne out of a sense of cultural superiority, out of step with today’s times when Britain doesn’t even count as a world power anymore but nevertheless, you “over-project” yourself as some kind of moral authority from whom everyone else must learn, and accept as role model. Granted you invented English but noone’s denying your importance here. Just get rid of your “bag of cultural superiority” – if you’re assuming my previous comment is a lone view, I offer you a challenge – just show my points to other Indians/Asians and ask them if they agree/disagree with them!

Anyways, it’s YOUR website and I respect your right to allow content which only you prefer. I don’t intend to spoil your morning cup of tea but if you want to hear my real opinions on this subject, I’ll make them LOUD and CLEAR everytime.

So there you have it. Maybe I am wrong – and there is little doubt that Indian Dude will think so – but out of the two of us I certainly believe I can discern the racism.

(As a light-hearted aside, I must say that I assume the term ‘Anglo’ in the comments above, is meant as a term of abuse in the same way that someone might use the term ‘Paki’. I do, of course, rather object to having my ethnicity reduced to a prefix.)

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Anyone who may still be passing through here will have noted the long gap since I wrote anything. I have been busy finishing off the new version of my WordPress forum plugin and it really has eaten up all of my spare time. And it is still keeping me busy so this is a roundup of some of the things I would have written about if I had had the time.

I would, of course, have written about the fantastic and unexpected defeat of the New England Patriots at the hands of the New York Giants in the Superbowl. When Brady had 30 seconds left, a first down and just needed a field goal to send it into overtime I was still convinced the Pats were going to win!

I would also have given a link to the rather wonderful site – 01.20.09 – which informs me that at this exact time of writing, the Shrub has 349 days, 0 hours, 40 minutes and 17, no wait, 16, oh hell, 15, damn, 14 seconds left in office.

I would have asked a question that I cannot answer because while I understand in theory that the depths of human depravity know no boundaries I am optimistic enough to believe that there are places people will not go. But the people responsible for strapping explosives to the bodies of two ‘mentally challenged’ women, sending them into a crowded place in Baghdad and then remotely triggering their bombs surpasses the kind of evil I thought I could deal with.

I kept making typos in that last paragraph so now it’s 349 days, 0 hours, 34 minutes and 15, 14, 13, make it 10 seconds. I could watch that all day!

I might have done something on the famous Tom Cruise video but maybe not as, after all, what more could be added to what was already said just about everywhere else. How many ways are there to say that someone is quite clearly insane?

I most certainly would have mentioned this (and I shamelessly quote from Mike Morford): “The pollutive factories, the mountains of plastic, the enormous carbon footprint, the illusion of better taste, the myth of health. Yes, people seem to be waking up to the giant $15 billion sham that is the bottled water industry. Fact: The EPA’s regulations for tap water are actually more stringent than the FDA’s rules for bottled water.”

I don’t usually put in links to videos but if you haven’t seen this guy describe the difference between the brains of men and women then you must go see it.

And then, oh yes, the dolphins. I had absolutely no idea that Dolphins were so sexually aggressive. I would have written this one up that’s for sure.

And finally, 349 days, 0 hours, 29 minutes, 47, 46, 45, 44…..

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Time for my politically incorrect rant of the week and I have got so hot under the collar on this one that I am wondering if I have caught a right-wing virus.

Health secretary and utter imbecile Alan Johnson is set to announce a new “Health in Pregnancy Grant” whereby pregnant women will get £200 of taxpayers money paid into their bank account at their 29th week to help them afford to eat healthy food. This is on top of the £500 the less well off can already apply for around the same time. All they have to do to get their hands on the lucre is meet with a health professional for tips on pregnancy health and welfare advice.

This is, of course, great news for all those teenage girls who are bored with school and see getting pregnant as a career choice. After all there’s £700 for a start and they can live on welfare for years while they bring up the kid. And if things get tough, well, just get pregnant again.

You would have thought these arseholes with their wacky ideas would have learnt by now wouldn’t you?. Teenage pregnancy has spiralled in this country causing in it’s wake a huge population of single-parent families mainly from the less well-off spectrum. OK – let’s talk straight, be totally honest and shunt the political correctness into the toilet where it belongs. It’s not just the less-well off spectrum. It’s also the unintelligent, the gormless and the dumb. And it’s the spongers who see a life being looked after by the State as preferable to working for a living.

I don’t know the statistics but I’ll take bets that kids bought up by dumb teenage girls are very likely to grow up badly adjusted, with learning difficulties, short attention spans and heading for trouble. And yes it’s a generalisation but if anyone can show me statistics to disprove it I’ll eat one of my hats.

We should, of course, be discouraging pregnancy as a career choice instead of throwing more good money after bad. We already have enough problems with anti-social kids today without encouraging a whole new generation to come up behind them.

For a more reasoned, better written and less vitriolic take on this one read Problem Mums at the excellent ‘Burning Our Money’.

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I’m going to upset some people now but every now and then something will happen and I’m like a dog with a bone, I get the bit between my teeth, mix my metaphors appallingly and my normal, fairly undemonstrative nature slightly explodes. And I don’t really want to upset or offend anyone but there again, as I am not politically correct I don’t give a monkey’s if I do. And anyway, the people I might offend should be publicly hung, drawn and quartered anyway. Yes, I’m talking about one of my old chestnuts – the distasteful scent of political correctness.

If you have ever stood on your doorstep and debated for an hour with a Jehovah’s Witness you will know that they have an answer for any argument you put forward. Theirs is an absolute that can not be questioned or criticised and they will squirm their way through any convoluted logic to ensure they arrive at a destination that fits their belief system no matter how contradictory or circular. It is the same with the truly entrenched purveyor of political correctness. The difference, of course, is that to the average person the Jehovah’s Witness causes no damage. The politically correct zealot however has damaged our society and culture almost beyond repair.

The ultimate aim of these misguided and dangerous people appears to be to numb us into all being the same. In their world we are to see no difference between black or white, between man or woman, between the handicapped or the able-bodied. Their equality is not something to strive for and to achieve but to dumb us down to the lowest common denominator. Nobody can possibly lose in their world because nobody can win. And it is that very numbness that is so dangerous. Instead of rejoicing in our differences and in our uniqueness, we are all supposed to aim for the middle ground of the mundane.

Well it’s not for me. And thankfully, it’s not for my wife either. And it’s not for anyone who values their freedom and belief in humanities ability to transcend the mundane. What the world does need and what are sorely missing from the PC agenda are simple respect and responsibility. They will argue that both are automatically built into political correctness but this, of course, is nonsense because respect is earned – it is not a right, and responsibility is learnt.

We are currently in the middle of a crisis that is seeing young teenagers wielding knives and guns who are not afraid to use them on other youngsters or on adults who attempt to confront them. The latest incident leaves the police hunting a 13-15 year old for the senseless killing of an 11 year old boy in a car park. Hopefully, he will be apprehended soon before he has another play with his new toy.

But you can already hear the background whine of the PC mob making excuses. No doubt this particular murderer will be a ‘victim’. He will be ‘disadvantaged’ and probably from a broken home with an evil ‘step father/boyfriend’. His action will be the fault of ‘society’ for having ‘let him down’. He will only be an evil little brat if he happens to come from a wealthy family, is educated privately and has an IQ of 160.

The PC gangsters started worming their way into positions of power back, I suppose, in the middle of the 1970’s intent on slowly rotting away the basic standards the previous generations had upheld and I really don’t know why. They have slowly removed the concept of self-responsibility and replaced it with the dubious concept of the ‘state’. They have thrown out respect and replaced it with an artificial rule that has even people with good common-sense choosing their words and actions so carefully it can be pitiful to watch.

They rule – and the result is the utter and total mess we find ourselves in today.